Treat yourself to one of the many massages at The Grand Hotel Amrâth Kurhaus Spa & Beauty Centre. Give your body and mind a moment of rest and relaxation. For example, choose the Cocktail Massage where different massage techniques are combined. A Classic Massage is characterized by slow, gentle strokes that relax your muscles. Do you suffer from stress? Then enjoy the Oriental Head-Neck-Shoulder Massage, with extra care for cramped muscles. To release tension, the Aromatherapy Massage suits your needs, while you inhale the delicious essence of the oils.

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Wellness Massage

Just forget everything and completely unwind with a soothing wellness massage. This massage is characterized by slow, gentle caresses and stretching with the aim of a pleasant relaxation. With the massage therapists you are certainly in good hands when it comes to a classic relaxing massage.

  • 25 minutes: € 42.-
  • 35 minutes: € 54.-
  • 55 minutes: € 78.-

Indian head massage

Does this sound familiar in times of stress: stuck shoulders, a neck that is blocked, pressure on the head with the first signs of rising headaches and in the worst case a migraine? With this Indian head massage you will feel complete relaxed.

  • 25 minutes: € 46.-  
  • 35 minutes: € 58.-

Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage is a mix of different massage techniques. It is a relaxing massage, which is slightly different with each massage therapist! Let us surprise you!

  • 25 minutes: € 46.-
  • 35 minutes: € 58.-
  • 55 minutes: € 83.-

Aroma therapy massage

Dream away with this relaxing massage. You will be massaged with delicious aromatic oils of your choice. The delicious scented oils have a beneficial effect on the body & mind and provide the skin with nourishing substances.

  • 25 minutes: € 46.-
  • 35 minutes: € 58.-
  • 55 minutes: € 83.- 

Hotstone Massage

Experience the warmth of volcanic stones in combination with massage grips. During this massage your body is brought to a total state of relaxation. This massage is performed with black basalt stones formed from hot volcanic lava, after which they have been lying in riverbeds for centuries.

  • 35 minutes € 58.-
  • 55 minutes € 83.-

Swedish massage

An energizing and draining massage for tight muscles. This massage helps to keep the body in shape.

  • 25 min = €52,-
  • 35 min = €65,-
  • 55 min = €88,-

Deeply Nourishing Hand Massage

You're using your hands all day, but they are often forgotten during a treatment. A hand massage is relaxing for your hands and a nice way to reduce pain. A hand massage is not only pleasant for your hands, but can contribute to an overall relaxation of the body.

  • 20 minutes: € 30.-

Deeply Nourishing Foot Massage

A foot massage is not only relaxing for your feet but for the whole body. This treatment is very suitable to combine with a pedicure.

  • 20 minutes: € 30.-