With our facials focused on skin improvement, your face gets all the attention it needs! The extensive care will repair your skin and recover balance. After a treatment your facial skin will feel soft and healthy and you will be relaxed and charged again.

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Anti-aging Treatments

The anti-age facials are focused on the special needs of aging skin in different age categories. Our anti-aging treatments work by hydrating, strengthening and lifting one’s skin and wrinkles forming by using high-quality Thalgo products.

Anti-Aging Treatments

  • 30-35 years | Collagen Smooth Ritual | 60 minutes: € 71.- 
  • 35-40 years | Hyaluronic Filler Ritual | 60 minutes: € 76.-
  • 40-50 years | Silicium Super Lift Ritual | 75 minutes: € 86.-
  • 50+ | Ultimate Time Solution Ritual | 90 minutes: € 106.-


Every skin is different and needs a different approach. Our facials are specified on different skin types. Based on the treatment and the high-quality Thalgo products we bring your skin in balance again!

  • For the tired skin | Illuminating Radiance Facial | 30 minutes: € 35,50
  • For the dehydrated skin | Source Marine Facial | 60 minutes: € 66,-
  • For oily skin | Pureté Marine Facial | 60 minutes: € 66,-
  • For sensitive skin | Cold Cream Marine Facial | 60 minutes: € 66,-

Eye Treatments

The skin around the eyes is constantly in motion, the eye contour is therefore the most sensitive piece of skin on the face. Enough reason to take good care of the skin around the eyes to prevent eye aging!

Eye treatment 15 minutes: € 20, -
Soothing eye massage and wonderful mask with eye pads.

Eye treatment deluxe 30 minutes: € 30.50
Cleansing, peeling, eye massage with serum and mask with eye pads.

Made For Men

Especially for the specific skin needs of the man there is 'Thalgo’s' men's care line. For the treatment of men's skin, the products are based on the power of the sea and have a cell innovative effect!

Express Anti Fatigue Treatment | 35 minutes: € 35,50
This treatment is for men with tired and / or dull skin. The treatment consists of a cleansing, scrub and anti-fatigue mask.

Ocean Ritual For Men | 60 minutes: € 61, -
This treatment is for men with dry and / or sensitive skin. The treatment consists of a cleansing, scrub, mask and facial massage. The treatment will be completed with the application of a day care product.