rosa serra

The work of Rosa Serra, the Spanish sculptress of international renown, is inspired by the art of sculptor Henry Moore. Yet she has developed her own unique style that culminates in complete control of mass, space and light. Serra’s work is dedicated to the magnificence of the human body, especially graceful female figures. Musee Olympique in Lausanne purchased 22 of her sculptures to expand their collection and her monumental works are often seen around the world in public spaces, from Switzerland, Japan, Monaco, Germany, Brazil and Sweden to the headquarters of the United Nations in New York.

The ‘Suite Olympiade’ exhibition featuring Spanish sculptress Rosa Serra boasts 20 unique works of varying athletic disciplines, spread throughout the Kurhaus. The exhibition ties in with the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro 2016. 

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There are also several works of art on display by Emile CornelisArvidGerti BierenbroodspotCarlos MataJan Desmarets en Luigi Galligani

Rosa Serra

Rosa Serra - Suite Olympiade - Waterpolo

Pinguins by Avid and Hippo by Emile Cornelis

                                    Pinguins by Avid                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Hippo by Emile Cornelis