Gallery Bell'Arte at the Kurhaus

In April 2015 a second branch of Gallery Bell’Arte in Maastricht opened in the hotel. The philosophy behind Bell’Arte can be described as ‘diversity in fascination’, in a quest for local, national and international artists creating figurative and abstract work.

During the opening, the big ceiling ‘Bird Heaven’ by Gerti Bierenbroodspot was unveiled in the Kurhaus conservatory. The work is a sea-blue ceiling dotted with unusual birds with their Latin names. These flying birds unite the atmosphere of the ceiling with the splendid sea outside.

Art from Gallery Bell’Arte will be permanently exhibited throughout the Kurhaus and on the outdoor terraces. These will be temporary presentations of paintings and photographs, as well as works in glass, bronze, stone and stainless steel. The gallery is exhibiting names such as Ans Markus, Pépé Grégoire, Jan Desmarets, Emile Cornelis, Bart Somers, Luigi Galligani, Ans Zondag, Gerti Bierenbroodspot, Arvid, Joris Gaymans, Albert Niemeyer, Francesca Zijstra and Carlos Mata. Some artists are making new work, inspired by the hotel and the coast at Scheveningen.

Helene Gregoire

Hélène Grégoire will be displaying her work at the Kurhaus in Scheveningen from 23 April until 15 October.

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Kurhaus guestbook

In 1893 the guestbook was signed for the first time by the then 13-year-old Princess Wilhelmina, who visited the Kurhaus with her mother. Since then, heads of state, movie stars, members of the Royal Family, national and international performers and many more have added their signatures to the book, alongside special illustrations. Artist Arvid Henkes has digitalized the celebrated Kurhaus guestbook, and this can be seen in the video on the right.

Helene Gregoire - Artist

The exhibition by Rosa Serra can be admired at the Kurhaus